Creative Ramsgate !

Creative Ramsgate !

On Tuesday 24 July at 11am, Ramsgate Arts is hosting a Creative Ramsgate symposium. We want to find out what creative people here feel would help them to make the most of their skill, whether they’d like to contribute somehow to the development of the town, or just what do they dream of achieving?

We’re really delighted to have Jane Priston joining us for the event as one of the speakers. She has been a ceramicist and tattooist, and has totally inspired us with the story of how she got the beautiful bronze statue of Amy Johnson erected in her home town of Herne Bay.

The statue was created by Ramsgate’s Meltdowns studios (now called Spacer) and this is a story of real bottom-up endeavour by an artist who has a vision and basically, nothing will stop that vision becoming a reality. What’s really inspiring is how the whole town got involved in helping to achieve that vision. And that’s the sort of ambition we have for Ramsgate, people coming together to make great things happen.

To find out about the Amy Johnson Project, click here

So, if you’d like to join the discussion and let us know about you and what you do, come along to Creative Ramsgate. You can guarantee a place by reserving now on Eventbrite

Other speakers at the event are Josephine Martin, Turner Contemporary (Project Manager, Pioneering Places) and Louisa Hwabowy, Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone (Programme Manager).



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