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This sub-site is the archive of the 2016 Ramsgate Festival, on the wind and the waves the sea brings us life. Here you can view the full range of events that formed the festival that year, or use the tags — see foot of page — to browse the different categories of event. Also on this […]

Chihiro Yoshikura

Littoral Light: the record

Here are some photographs of the spectacular installations that formed part of the Littoral Light exhibition on the beach between Ramsgate and Dumpton Gap on the eve of the Festival. Click on each photo to enlarge it.

Ramsgate Festival 2015, photo credit David Jennings

Festival Highlights

This year Ramsgate Festival runs in the last week of July (23rd – 31st). Events will take place all over Ramsgate in parallel with the Ramsgate Week regatta. ‘On the wind and the waves, the sea brings us life…’ Something strange is happening in Ramsgate, you could say something fishy is going on. Sea Creatures start appearing […]

Teresa Askew at the Great British Carnival 2014

Teresa Askew is the creative producer for the Ramsgate Festival

Ramsgate Arts are pleased to announce the appointment of Teresa Askew as the new creative producer for the Ramsgate festival. Teresa brings a wealth of experience to the role. She is the artistic director of a Ramsgate based, Arts Production House, Artaha Productions. Prior to starting Artaha, Teresa had a varied and exciting working life. […]