Beach Rangers and Volunteer Ambassadors with Magna Vitae – apply now!

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Beach Rangers and Volunteer Ambassadors with Magna Vitae – apply now!

Stop Press Deadline extension for Beach Ambassadors- apply until 21st July.

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One of our wonderful Festival partners, Magna Vitae (it stands for The Good Life), are recruiting paid Beach Rangers for the event they’re doing with us on 22 July and also a later event in Skegness.  They’ll need volunteers too.

Below please find details of the Magna Vitae paid and volunteer roles and how to apply – directly to Magna Vitae. The deadline to apply to be a Beach Ranger is Monday 3rd July  and to be a Magna Vitae volunteer ambassador is Monday 17 July. [Update – extended to 21 July]

Scroll down there are six pages in total – four pages about the Beach Ranger Roles and two pages about the volunteer ambassador roles.

Anyone interested finding out more about either role, or wishing to request an application form should contact:, tel : 01507 613448.

We are happy to be able to offer these exciting opportunities to local people who may wish to apply to be a Beach Ranger, or would enjoy volunteering! Remember that on Wednesday there will be lots more opportunities to get involved in the Ramsgate Festival as a whole so we’ll hope to see you there if you are interested in finding out more.


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Volunteer Ambassador roles volunteer ambassador roles



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