habitat: exhibition on art, nature, science and ecology

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habitat: exhibition on art, nature, science and ecology

Show curated by Mellissa Fisher – Artist


Christina France
Christina’s interest in printmaking is combined with drawing. Using soft, layered forms which appear and disappear or sharper contrasting geometries. Christina’s main enquiry is focused on space, rhythm, repetition, geometry and chance.
Essentially abstract in nature, an underlying narrative can be discerned. I use Traditional printmaking techniques, mostly copper plate etching, to make small editions of original prints, each one an individual and unique work. The labour intensive processes and its own particular alchemy are integral to the end result.

Edward Thompson
The Red Forest is a photo-series exploring the radioactive forest of Chernobyl on deadstock colour infrared film.
The wind blew much of the immediate radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor onto Wormwood Forest which was within a 10km-radius of the power station. The pine trees took on massive quantities of radiation and died. But there was a curious side effect to the contamination – the trees turned a reddish-brown before they died. Wormwood Forest no longer exists; it’s now called the Red Forest.
The Red Forest is the final chapter of the photography book The Unseen – An Atlas of Infrared Plates (Schilt Publishing 2016) by British documentary photographer Edward Thompson in which he set out to explore the boundaries of our perception in the infrared spectrum.
His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, BBC and CNN. He has exhibited at Christies, Somerset House and Four Corners Gallery as well as photo-festivals in London, Finland, France and Germany.
Website: www.edwardthompson.co.uk

Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher is an abstract Painter & Watercolourist, focusing on many topics such as, seascapes, forest life, animals and marine life.
Elizabeth will be showing her studies of Poole Harbour. Poole Harbour has a unique combination of physical characteristics which provides a rich ecological community with a range of birds and marine life. Sea horses live in the shallow waters along with small jellyfish. Poole is a natural harbour and the second largest in the world. It encourages wading birds and at the adjacent Brownsea Island there is a rare colony of red squirrels.
“I have lived in Dorset for thirty years and never tire of the beautiful seascapes, wonderful skies and wildlife. Poole Harbour has to be preserved, it is a valuable ecological place of study. I love to paint the beautiful cool blue waters of the harbour and study the marine life, which is quite visible from taking a walk along the boardwalk. Although there is an industrial part of the harbour where it meets the sea, with ferries and fishing trawlers, the natural part of the harbour still remains unspoiled and an ideal location for artists. Turner loved to paint in Dorset, and completed a watercolour of Corfe Castle, which you can see from Poole Harbour. This was an important stronghold during the Norman Conquest.”

Fleur Alston
Fleur Alston is an Artist based in Maidstone. Her work is focused on the relationship we have with the natural world. The objects used in her collages are heavily symbolic of life and death. Fleur draws influence from Carl Gustav Jung, the renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The motif of the Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the universe.
The piece of work Fleur will be exhibiting is from a series titled ‘Kit and Caboodle 2’
“The central point of a Mandala is the space within which the viewer can identify themselves, in the centre of the circle is the highest deity or abstract concept. By placing a dead animal in that centre there is a possibility to shake some individuals perception of themselves and their whole, instinctively at a subconscious level. Something could be understood and revealed in that experience of the unfolding pattern.”

Hannah Clark
Hannah Clark is a freelance Illustrator and Watercolourist, based in Minster. She graduated from Middlesex University after studying Illustration and produces work for commercial clients such as, Hallmark Cards, Jamie Magazine, Landscape Magazine, Slimming World Magazine and many more.
The work that Hannah will be exhibiting is an exploration of local seaweeds. They are delicate, ethereal studies showcasing the abstract and colourful nature of extraordinary plants that are usually the first to highlight the changing conditions of our coastline. The differing colours between the two pieces give contrast and show that when we take care of our environment, it thrives and in turn so do we.
Website: www.hannahclarkillustration.com

Ian Barrowcliffe
Ian Barrowcliffe is another of our amazing artists to be exhibiting next week! Ian is a glass sculptor based in Margate at the gallery EclecTic Art.
Here are some words from the artist about the work:
“Let us all live.
How can one properly explain the pain caused by an intelligent species on our home world!
We love, hate, feel, kill, plunder for our own ends. We appear to be travelling head on for destruction. This I find so sad. Not for me but for the generations to come. We are a wonderful species. We are obsessed with material possessions.
My pieces reflect (in My Minds eye) the beauty that surrounds us.”

John Wiltshire
John Wiltshire is based in Folkestone, much of his current work directly references the ecology and history of the coast. John uses found and collected objects which are arranged in order to paint from directly. They inform and inhabit his work, they are charged and loaded with meaning like talismans, souvenirs or portals back to specific moments, people, places and events. Often the collections are rearranged and repainted, making the works temporal and illusory, John enjoys playing with these concepts and reimagining the folklore inspired constructs we all carry amongst our habits, and in our environments.

Kirsty Peterkin
Artist Kirsty Peterkin will be creating an installation for the exhibition:
Kirsty’s passion is creativity and the environment. She studied ceramics and glass at Middlesex University and went on to become a lecturer on a BA Hons Art Practice in the Community degree course. Kirsty based her dissertation on how the environment affects humans in modern day society.
Kirsty has always been interested in making work in three dimensions, she enjoys working with glass, wire, clay and other malleable materials.
At present she is a Gallery Assistant and Navigator at the Turner Contemporary Gallery, designing activities and tours for the public to enjoy the art work. She has also managed a museum based on recycling, run a wild life site for twelve years and has been a founder member of an arts collective for much longer.

Mellissa Fisher
Curator of the show will be exhibiting an evolving ecosystem which will change over the duration of the show. Here is some info on the artist:
Mellissa Fisher’s practice combines art with microbiology; her interests lie in the interrelationships between illustration, sculpture and living organisms. Mellissa’s research is heavily based on the connections with nature and the self, posing questions to an audience regarding their relationship with their bodies as well as their link to nature.
Mellissa’s practice has developed through creating bacterial sculptures of her own body, into an exploration of mycology by growing mushrooms on sculptures of the human form, to represent the idea that our bodies are an ecosystem, using the body as a landscape for growing and hosting different organisms.
Mellissa Fisher – Artist
Insta: Mellissa Fisher – Artist

Silvia Krupinska
Our guest Artist, based in London, Silvia Krupinska will be exhibiting with us:
Silvia Krupinska is an artist exploring how we relate to water environments, taking her inspiration from water and nature related scenarios including water filtration processes. She uses steel, paper, found natural and man-made objects, concrete and other materials to weld together sculptures and art installations.
Her valued art and science collaborators have been London Wildlife Trust, Thames 21, Hydrocitizenship project and Dr. Richard Bater and she now seeks a scientist sculptor friendly collaborator for a project about prickly pears.
Website: www.silviakrupinska.net

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