Vinyl Head/The Elk Kitchen food-and-drink offer 2017

These food and drink options are included in the Ramsgate Festival £3 ticket for Follow the Muse events at Vinyl Head. Order one of the food options and one drink, and get £5 off the menu price for your combined order.

Food options — £7-8 each

  • Skagenröra/Toast skagen. Prawns coated in sour cream, mayonnaise, dill, chives, red onion and lemon. Served on buttered toast or with green salad. Topped with lumpfish roe.
  • Banh Mi. Vietnamese style baguette with marinated tofu or pork belly. Served with coriander, cucumber, pickled daikon radish and carrot, mayo (not on tofu one) and sriracha. Topped with crispy onion and fresh chillies.
  • Poké bowl. Soya and sesame infused raw salmon served with avocado, pickled cucumber, a spicy red and white cabbage salad, spring onion and raw basmati and black thai rice. Topped with a sriracha and yogurt sauce.
  • Selection of cheeses. Brie, blue stilton, comté and camembert. Served with cornichons, apple, crackers and a homemade rosemary pear chutney.

Drink options — £2-5 each

  • 125ml glass of house wine
  • 330ml bottle of San Miguel or Corona beer
  • 330ml of Time and Tide craft beer
  • soft drinks, including San Pellegrino, juices