Slide Ballot News

Ramsgate Slide artist impression

Slide Ballot News

We received over 5,000 verified entries to our FREE ballot for the Ramsgate Slide 2017.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Winners of the first draw and second draw have now been notified. [page updated 29th July at 2:30pm]

If you weren’t successful in the first draw you could still have a chance of sliding if you entered your name- check your emails!

The Slide will operate from 11am – 5pm on Sunday 30 July.

Whether or not you’re going on the Slide the Festival has plenty to entertain you over the next few days and especially at the weekend – we hope you’ll still come and watch the Sliders and enjoy the rest of the programme which is packed full of arts, culture, heritage and fun events celebrating Ramsgate’s unique maritime location every day!

Littoral Light, an ephemeral twilight art exhibition on the beach with over 40 UK and International artists, is on Friday evening

Cardboardia’s epic battle with the Rubbish Monster of Ramsgate will be an amazing spectacle and great fun to join in with on Saturday with free workshops daily until then – building cardboard costumes, and arsenal for the battle (cardboard tubes).

Ramsgate Rising brings a full day of music with MAP, Pie Factory Music and Generation Uncovered presenting a supercharged lineup of original sounds from a top flight of independent artists, breaking through right now into the popular music scene, supported by a showcase of a new wave of the freshest young entertainers Ramsgate’s Music Scene has to offer.

The World Rhythms Stage on Sunday provides world music and dance vibes all day on Sunday while the Slide is taking place.

The Hand Made and Vintage Festival Fair in Pier Yard will be full of Treasure for you to discover all weekend – vintage and handmade finds and artisan food and drinks.

On Sunday evening we have the Dream Marine Twilight Parade  followed by the spectacular Fire Finale, kindly sponsored by JD Wetherspoon Royal Pavilion which will be opening next month in the harbour.

The above are just a taster of what’s on offer – check out our RamsgateReflections and Follow the Muse talks -find out about the Ramsgate Meridian and the Rooswijk shipwreck, exhibitions, Seashore Safari, yoga on the beach, nautical themed computer games and lots of great workshops.

Head over to Ramsgate and join our Dream Marine celebration!

Ramsgsat float Dream Marine in Ramsgate Carnival 2017

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