Wonderful Weekend News

opera for all 2017 at Ramsgate Festival photo credit Lorraine Wiliams

Wonderful Weekend News

What a wonderful start to the Festival this weekend.

Late on Saturday night, as the opera on the beach finished we were thrilled to reach our Kickstarter target. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

It was a nail-biting close to our Ramsgate Festival appeal campaign, but we did it, our friends and community came through and gave so generously. We made it, thank goodness – we all did it together!

It’s an incredibly humbling experience, to just ask people to give your idea, plan, project, hope or conviction some help. Whether that’s to give time, a pair of hands, volunteer help with stewarding for example, or whether it’s the really hard one, to give money. You have to summon up your courage, have total belief in the thing you’re trying to achieve, and conviction that you’re not asking for extra, for ‘icing on the cake’ – you’re asking for what is totally vital and you know that without it you can’t do it, you can’t make it happen.

Thank you all for responding to that ask and for being just so kind. We respect our supporters so much and will look forward to seeing you at the Festival if you can make it. We go into the rest of the week knowing we have good friends behind us.

And what a week it’s going to be with events on every day and evening, including the free workshops every afternoon, Mon-Fri, with Cardboardia (at Arts in Ramsgate) and Hand Made Parade (at St George’s Hall), as we prepare for the Epic Battle with the Ramsgate Rubbish Monster on Saturday and the Dream Marine Twilight Parade on Sunday. We had such fun with these visitors at the Ramsgate Carnival Parade this Sunday we are so lucky to have them here!

Ramsgsat float Dream Marine in Ramsgate Carnival 2017

We’re all about providing free fun for everyone in the town, as well as all kinds of high quality arts, cultural and heritage events. It does cost a lot to do but the benefits are huge in terms of giving the town a massive morale boost and opportunity to celebrate together – as well as helping attract visitors to spend their money here and tell their friends what a great place it is!

Donations can still be made online (here) or via one of the collecting tins or buckets at the Festival. If you are generous enough to still wish to support us now the Kickstarter has closed, know that we appreciate every penny given and will put it to good use on giving the town the high quality large scale annual celebration it deserves.

Now let’s enjoy the rest of this week – we hope to see you at the Festival!




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