Ramsgate Slide ballot now open

Bristol's Park Street water-slide, by Paul Townsend, reproduced under licence

Ramsgate Slide ballot now open

We are delighted to announce that the ballot for an opportunity to slide down a unique giant water slide on Ramsgate’s Royal Parade is now open, and will remain so until midnight next Monday, 24 July. As of midnight 24 July, the ballot is closed.

The Ramsgate Slide.

When a similar slide was installed in Bristol’s Park Street (pictured), around 100,000 people entered the ballot. We expect a large number of entries here in Ramsgate too.  Click here to enter the ballot.

The slide will operate for one day only on the final day of the festival, 30 July. Read more about what’s involved.

Participation in the ballot is subject to terms of use. You need to agree to these before submitting your name.

Photo above by Paul Townsend, reproduced under Creative Commons licence.

Ramsgate Slide artist impression
This composite artists’ impression is by Cathy Rogers and Jules Bigg, incorporating original photography of a similar urban slide installation by UK artist Luke Jerram which inspired the Ramsgate Slide

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  1. Reply

    Brilliant idea for Ramsgate town!!

  2. Reply

    How exciting will b so much fun!!!!

  3. Reply

    This looks freaking awesome, hope I get picked!

  4. Reply

    This looks like awesome fun I would love to do this

  5. Reply

    I would love to take part in this 🙂

  6. Reply

    How do you register a child please?

    • Reply

      Hi Suzie, you register a child (aged 6-13) the same way as an adult, via the ballot, but entering the child’s name along with a parent or carer’s contact details. I’m afraid children under 6 are not allowed to participate for safety reasons.

  7. Reply

    This looks great fun would like to be involved!! 😋

  8. Reply

    Id love a go on that

  9. Reply

    Hmm. Not sure about this. Taking such a step puts you on a bit of a slippery slope………..:-)

  10. Reply

    I would like to enter coz this would be fun this would be a great summer holiday for me and my sister

  11. Reply

    How many applicants/ballots did you get?
    Is it going ahead?
    Who gets to participate?

  12. Reply

    Not one of my family or friends have had a reply. Really disappointed as my son really wanted to do it. There really must be very limited spaces.

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