Anna Phoebe- From The Sea To The Stars

Join us for an unforgettable night of world class music that is literally …out of this world. Three extraordinary composers and musicians present From the Sea to the Stars , a presentation of stunning new and original works. For tickets click here

Headlining the night will be Anna Phoebe 

“Just beautiful. Anna is a magician … An all-round goddess.” Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC6 Music.

Anna Phoebe is an award-winning violinist and composer working on cross-genre solo and collaborative projects, including with the European Space Agency. Anna’s latest album Sea Souls is a rich musical palette inspired by the natural world, exploring the dialogue between the sea and inner psyche. It has received widespread radio support, including from Scala Radio, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 6 Music, Soho Radio, BBC Radio London, and KEXP

The Gagarin Quartets 

Composer Nicholas de Carlo teams up with the Modulus Quartet to launch seven new string quartet pieces for 2022. Charting the first orbit of earth by starman Yuri Gagarin during the height of the cold war. The music traces the exhilarating flight with shimmering and repeating, melodic motifs. From mission launch through sunset, a new dawn, tumbling over the skies of Africa and a hero’s arrival.

The God Particle

By Andrew Waterworth.

Spawned from the depths of The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland

after a personalized visit, I have created an experimental look into the makings

and reasoning’s of the Universe. The God Particle is an improvised solo double

bass project inspired by being asked to create music for the film ‘The Infinity

room’ about the renovation and experimentation of Atlas and the collider at

Cern. Tonight’s performance will include excerpts from the up-and-coming

album which will explore the topics of the creation of the universe, the beginning

of time and eventual human involvement.

“ Why does applied science bring us so little happiness? The simple answer is we

have not yet learned to make proper use of it. In time of war it has given men the

means to poison and mutilate one another. In times of peace it has made our lives

hurried and uncertain. It has enslaved us to machines. The chief objective of all

technological effort must be a concern for mankind. Never forget this when you are

pondering over your diagrams and equations “ Albert einstein 

NB For those with mobility issues there are ramps into the church but they are steep so you may need assistance 

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