Being With the Waves – Nicole Robson

Blue picture frame reading: being with the waves nicole robson, and a picture in the middle of nicole herself

Explore sound as a fluid presence that fills the space around you and discover stories of seaborne experience woven into an immersive composition that bends and shifts with your movement. To the naked ear, the installation Being With The Waves appears silent, but a hidden world of voices, instrumental tones, and maritime sounds is revealed through wearing special headphones.

Nicole is a composer, musician and researcher whose work explores site-specific performance, sound installations and community-focused, public art projects. Recent work includes The Texture of Air, a major art and heritage project commissioned by the NHS, and The Conversation Booth, a pop-up installation for collecting and archiving oral histories.

Location- Ramsgate Music Hall, CT11 8NJ

Open from 12-4pm on the 2nd of September, then daily between 12-5pm between the 3rd to the 5th of September.



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