Clive Aslet on ‘The Real Crown Jewels of England’ – Ramsgate Society Talks

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A shockwave went around the world when the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris caught fire in 2019. It seemed that this apparently immutable monument could have been destroyed, which provoked an outpouring of grief. This inspired the question: what are the things in England that would cause a similar reaction? I thought of monuments like the Houses of Parliament – which is in a pretty parlous state of repair and could easily go up in flames if nothing is done to restore it. I thought too of glorious landscape, works of architecture, skill and craft, and the things we do particularly well – like St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London which is about to celebrate its 900th anniversary: the oldest hospital in Europe – and some places (like Hexham Abbey) that are less well known. I chose some entries because they are unique to this country (cathedral choirs, for example). We also have a particular way of seeing that gave rise to landscape parks, the Arts and Crafts Movement and allotments. My 100 entries became, during lockdown, a journey of the mind. I realised that, at a time of change and anxiety, the places of wonder, beauty and inspiration celebrated in this book have never been more important.

Clive Aslet

A familiar face in Ramsgate, Clive Aslet will describe his lockdown ‘journey of the mind’ to explore 100 places of wonder, beauty and inspiration that embody the heart and soul of England. Clive’s accomplishments includes over 20 books on architecture and history, 13 years as editor, and still as contributor, to Country Life magazine and, since 2016, being President of the Ramsgate Society.

Clive’s book The Real Crown Jewels of England was published by Little Brown in September 2020.

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This event takes place on September 1st, there are two available times: 15:30-17:00 and 17:30-19:00

Royal Temple Yacht Club, CT11 9HY

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