Drumming Workshop with Taiko Dunlopo

An image of a group of drummers in the summer sun playing all together. The text reads "Drumming workshop, Taiko Dunlopo, Ellington Park August 28th

Taiko Dunlopo present a drumming workshop for all! Please bring anything you can make a noise with – drums, flower pots, plastic tubs.. anything at all, and a couple of sticks – cut up broom handles work just fine, or any other kind of things-to-bash-a-drum-with.

Taiko Dunlopo will take you through some basics before the group will learn a song together.

Taiko Dunlopo are a collective of Taiko Drummers based in South East Kent. We’re called “Dunlopo” because before we could afford to buy drums we played on car tyres! Let’s make some noise.

This is a free event and no tickets are required!

Saturday 28th August 2pm

Location: Ellington Park CT11 9TL 

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