For the Love of Dog – Sadie Hennessy

Blue picture frame reading: for the love of dog sadie hennessy

Sadie Hennessy has created a sound collage in praise of wo/man’s best friend. She has woven together vintage TV clips, internet memes and field recordings, plus an original choral composition, to create a hymn to the hound – or a paean to the pooch! Join her in worshipping at the canine shrine.

Sadie Hennessy (right) is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in non-gallery spaces, to create ephemeral, experiential artworks. Since her break-through sound project Fat Balls for the 2020 Festival of Sound (and with the support of Arts Council England), she has been experimenting further with sonic work, and the result of this is For the Love of Dog. She lives in Whitstable, with her Basset Hound, Dennis (left).

Open daily from 12-5pm between September 2nd and 5th.

Location:  The Boating Pool (inside Ravensgate by the Sea), Royal Esplanade, CT11 OHE

2nd -5th Sept 12pm-5pm




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