Julia Abel Smith on Forbidden Wife – The Life and Trials of Lady Augusta Murray’ – Ramsgate Society Talks

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Julia Abel Smith will relate the tumultuous tale of the life of Lady Augusta Murray whose marriage to a royal prince was declared illegal and who ended her years in Ramsgate and is commemorated in Augusta Steps and Augusta Road.

Lady Augusta’s marriage to Prince Augustus Frederick in Rome on 4 April 1793 was not only concealed, it was also illegal. The Royal Marriage Act forbade such a union without the King’s permission and Augusta’s life was changed forever. From a beautiful socialite she became a social pariah; her children were declared illegitimate and her family was scorned.

Julia Abel Smith

After graduating in History of Art from Cambridge University, Julia has worked for Art UK and The Landmark Trust. While researching the history of the trust’s Pineapple folly in a walled garden in Scotland, she discovered Lady Augusta Murray and was captivated by her dramatic story. Her subsequent research in the Royal Archives and Dunmore family papers resulted in Forbidden Wife being published by The History Press in 2020.

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This event takes place on September 2nd, there are two available times: 15:30-17:00 and 17:30-19:00

Royal Temple Yacht Club, CT11 9HY

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