‘Mountain High Valley Low’ – Wishbone

Lady on a bike performing a theatrical piece

Performed by Karen Glossop, directed by Paul Murray

Wishbone’s bite-sized theatre show is the story of Josie, a woman who’s looking for love but has a secret to hide. Josie is affected by bipolar disorder. Her answer is to take up long distance cycling and dating. Things may not go totally to plan…The performance blends live pedalling action and an immersive soundtrack with original music by Conor OB. 


Location: Vale Square community gardens, Ramsgate CT11

Show times are daily from the 10th to 13th at: 12.15, 13.15, 14.15, 15.15 and 16.15 (except last Sunday, when last show is at 15.15)

The installation will use headphones which will be disinfected for each show.