Ramsgate-Visions of the Future

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Ramsgate is lacking in creative spaces and indoor venues but there are a number of social
enterprise not-for-profit organisations looking to fill the gap with major renovation projects.

One such organisations is the Heritage Lab CIC which has ambitious plans to help regenerate
Ramsgate & support the local community and creative sector. One of their headline
ambitions is to take over and renovate the currently unused public spaces within Granville

Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC have ambitions to create a new multi-faceted arts & cultural space on a 133-year old Dutch barge permanently moored in
Ramsgate Harbour.

In our second Ramsgate Society talk for the 2022 Ramsgate Festival of Sound we have
invited Rob Kenyon, CEO and Founder of Heritage Lab CIC and Kevin O’Connor, Director of 

Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC to talk about plans and (hopefully) progress. Their talk takes place
at 7pm on September 2 nd at the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Places must be reserved in
advance here (link to Eventbrite to come). Doors open at 6;30pm. A voluntary donation of
£3 is requested to help funding for the Festival.

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