Teletubbie Tidal Wave – Look Mum No Computer

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Teletubbie tidal wave is a machine made from repurposed equipment including animatronic 90’s teletubbie toys and repurposed industrial electronic relays, merged together to make an interactive stadium wave…. of teletubbies of course. It is a visual and sonic experience with a mixture of motors, clicks clacks and slightly broken teletubbie sounds, it dances the fine line between creepy and… creepy. 

Look Mum No Computer, or Sam Battle is a musician, creator, inventor and genius! He mainly builds musical machines, and makes music with said machines touring around the UK bringing along synths to mold intriguing and unique sounds.

Open daily from 12-5pm between September 2nd and 5th.

Location: The Boating Pool  CT11 OHE





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