The Bone Woman’s Cave – Shireen Qureshi

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The Bone Woman’s Cave is a place of collection, magic, mystery, darkness and light. It offers a safe space to listen to the stories of local people, real and folklore, which can be passed along. A place to reconnect and be close following a pandemic that has distanced us. The bone woman is the collector and weaver of these stories.

Shireen is a Margate-based sound artist with a background in visual art and oil painting. Both her work in sound and paint is about the intersection between the digital and human realms. Her sound works are made up of spoken word, loops and digitally effected voices, as well as other sounds. Storytelling is an important part of her practice and she is interested in how telling a tale can be cathartic or fun or cautionary or an escape.

Open daily from 12-5pm between September 2nd and 5th.

Location: East Cliff Bandstand, CT11 8JL



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