‘The Sit-Stop Sestinas – Sarah Tait

Blossom on a tree overlooking homes in the background

Experience four unique outdoor spaces resounding to the rhythm and cadence of live poetry. Sarah Tait’s poetry will capture the evocative sounds and atmosphere of Courtstairs Park ,Memory Orchard, Ellington Park, Liverpool Lawn and the Montefiore Woodland. In a poetic celebration of place and time, comings and goings, creations and re-creations, these are poems presented in the raw – just a Poet, a voice, and some technically crafted verse. Expect a grafting of histories and myth, journeys and reflection.

Facebook: Sarah Tait Poetry.

Website: sarahtait01.wordpress.com

Courtstairs Park- End of royal esplanade; Ramsgate; CT11 0HH
Ellington Park, 37 Park Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9TL
Liverpool Lawn , Ramsgate CT11
Montefiore Woodland Ramsgate CT11 8AR – Dumpton Park Drive, next to the Montefiore Medical Centre.


Thursday 10th: Ellington Park- 2pm Courtstairs Park- 4pm
Friday 11th: Liverpool Lawn-2pm Montefiore Woodland- 4pm
Saturday 12th: Courtstairs Park- 2pm Ellington Park- 4pm
Sunday 13th: Montefiore Woodland-2pm Liverpool Lawn-4pm