Shireen Qureshi needs you!

Blue picture frame reading: bone womans cave shireen qureshi

Shireen Qureshi is a sound artist bringing her amazing “The bone woman’s cave” installation to Ramsgate as part of this year’s Sonic Trail, but… She needs you to complete her masterpiece.

Read her message below, and find out how you can be a part of this fabulous installation.

Submit a story for a sound installation

Festival of Sound Sonic Trail – Thursday 2nd Sept – Sunday 5th Sept 2021

Hi, I’m Shireen, a sound artist based in Margate and I’m looking for your story submissions.

The story can be real: a memory, something that happened to you, a story handed down through your family. Or it can be imaginary: folklore from your culture, a dream etc.

The story can be short or long and you can submit it in any form you like. A spoken phone voice memo or other recording. You can write it down to be spoken by me. You can send any sounds you would like to contribute to the piece, or images to be changed into music. We can meet (socially distanced) and I can record you speaking.

The stories will be collected together and played in the installation, woven with sounds from the local area and music made by me. The aim is to share other’s stories since it hasn’t been easy to meet and talk to other people for such a long time.

The name of the sound installation is “The Bone Woman’s Cave”. Please get in touch for further information or to submit your story by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 07497747549. Thank you!