The Festival in The Guardian… Twice!

a blank cover with two pictures, one of ramsgate, and one of flags on beach, which are clippings from The Guardian articles about the festival

WOW! We can’t quite believe this but we’ve only gone and been featured in the Guardian, not once, but twice!

A fabulous article by Phoebe Taplin saw Phoebe go on a car-less weekend trip to Ramsgate, featuring some of the best highlights in the area, it was lovely to see our name mentioned as one of the pinncale events in Thanet. Read Deb’s article here.

THEN… we saw our name crop up again, this time in a list of the UK’s best beach festivals! Being listed alongside some of the most prominent festivals around the country was crazy. Truly a real honour, if you want to have a read, head here.

Lastly, THANK YOU to every single person who works to make this happen, this is nothing but an honour and we couldn’t be here without this community.