The Bedford Inn, 29 W Cliff Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9JP

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    The Bedford Inn, 29 W Cliff Rd, Ramsgate CT11 9JP
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Ramsgate Harbour at dusk
September 13, 2020
A film by Dan Whitehead featuring the Festival of Sound, its collaborations with artists, and all things sonic and musical. Set against the backdrop of Ramsgate’s architecture and landscape, the film lasts 11 minutes and will be screened throughout the...
Drop of water in dark colours
September 6, 2020
Liquid noise demonstrates the physical power of sound, both natural and man-made by using cymatics to visualise marine bioacoustics and underwater noise pollution. The technique was developed for Annie Moir’s documentary A Voice Above Nature which explores the impact of human noise...
Boat faraway at sea
Photo of ‘Lazy Days’ credit Yodacreative The Dunkirk rescue is a story of suffering and salvation, both humble and humbling.  It speaks of regular people taking action without hesitation to form their own army of big hearts in little boats....