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Support Ramsgate Festival by donating on KickstarterWe need to raise more money to make all our Festival dreams come true in 2017. Please watch our new video and back the project.

In 2016 our Kickstarter appeal successfully raised over £3,100. Please help us ensure that our 2017 appeal beats this record. The town needs and deserves a massive celebration this year and your donations are needed NOW.

The Festival relies on a group of committed people who volunteer all year to make it happen, along with much appreciated financial support from of a long list of organisations and individuals who care.

In 2017 we have secured significant Arts Council England funding – a vote of confidence from them and a huge boost to what we can deliver this year – but we still need to raise more to fulfil all our dreams, in particular to make the Ramsgate Slide happen.

Or perhaps you could help by giving some time — we’d be thrilled to have your help and volunteering on the Festival is always great fun. Whether you can give a lot or a little, money or time, it’s about all of us doing what we can. When we work together we can make something amazing happen. Dream Marine is our theme for 2017 and will celebrate the unique maritime location of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour, beach and town.

There are lots of ways you can come on board and become a Ramsgate Festival supporter by….

We’d love to hear from you if you can help!