Angel Founding Members

The Ramsgate Festival of Sound is now entering its fourth year and receives funding from Arts Council England, Ramsgate Town Council, local businesses, sponsorships, advertising revenue, and very kind donations from the public. Traditionally, we hold our festival at the end of July, and once the curtain comes down each year we start planning for the next event almost immediately. Priority is always raising the money, and a vital part of sustaining us over the winter months is our Angel Founding Member scheme. This is where donors pay a one-off amount and receive lifelong membership with its accompanying ‘perks’. Not only does this ensure that our first few bills can be paid, but it also gives fans of the festival a chance to really feel part of the event.

This year has turned out to be especially challenging. We are extremely grateful to the following who came on board as our first group of Angel Founding Members. If you would like to follow their lead we’d love to welcome you to the fold!

If you are interested in becoming an Angel Founding Member email [email protected] for further information.

Deb and Phil Shotten

We are fanatical in our love of Ramsgate and hugely appreciate seeing it flourish during festival time. We believe deeply in the ability of art to cross boundaries and bring joy to everyone, regardless of their circumstances, increasing understanding across class and cultural divides. Appreciation of, and support for, the arts is, we believe, essential in a truly civilised and democratic society.

Georgina Rooke

I went to some of the sound installations and performances last year and loved the intimacy of the events. The artists and their work are within touching distance and you get to hear their pieces as they intended. It created a buzz about town too and for that reason I really hope the festival thrives in years to come.

Janet Fielding

I was delighted to be able to contribute to the Festival of Sound. A fantastic summer fiesta here on the Costa del Thanet.

Beverley Howard

Ramsgate thrives and grows through events like the Festival of Sound. This festival nurtures and celebrates all that is great about this town: the people and the place, the talent and the creativity, the unique vibe and the amazing setting.

Team Bedford

The Ramsgate Festival of sound is an extraordinary event that uplifts the artistic community in the local area, the hard work from the team and the shows and installations they curate are as beautiful as they are mesmerising. It’s an honour to support such an event, Andrew and Gemma do a fantastic job and it’s the least we can do for the support they give us and the community.

Ala Osmond and Mario Portelli

We love Ramsgate and the Festival of Sound has been the highlight of each of our 6 summers in Ramsgate, getting better every year. We are delighted to support Andrew, Gemma and their team and are so grateful for their amazing contribution to the arts in Ramsgate!

Andrei Siliva & Russell Chater

We’re delighted to be able to contribute to the Ramsgate Festival of Sound. We can’t think of a better event to showcase both the breadth of creative talent in Ramsgate and Ramsgate itself: a beautiful backdrop. We’re aware of all the hard work that goes into staging a festival like this. We hope everyone appreciates this as much as finally being able to get out and listen to some live music! Looking forward to 10 days of music, creativity, goodwill – and sunshine!a

Mike Willis – Accessibility Advisor

I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 year’s Ramsgate Festival of Sound, from the outrageous Screaming Alley performances to the intimacy of Busk at Dusk. Having recently found myself a wheelchair user, my focus is to ensure that where possible the accessibility of the venues is known so that everyone can enjoy this great event and it is inclusive for all!

Jeremy Green 

Suzy Humphries

Clive Holland

Gabriel Holland and Alan Suter

Benedict Welling – Press and PR