Belongings – a film by Wishbone

The Kent seaside town of Ramsgate is the setting for two lonely outsiders who forge an unlikely relationship when they meet in a charity shop. But will the revelation of a secret undermine their bond?

Summer 2021: A Frenchman arrives in Ramsgate to clear out the flat of a deceased woman and represent his family in a grievance against the NHS. A professional woman with worries on her mind tries to find solace from volunteering at a charity shop and from rearranging her bric-a-brac. 

Frustrated by loss of live performance over lockdown, theatre-makers Glossop and Murray have plunged straight crafting a debut feature-length piece on a shoestring. The result is a character-led story, with the ambivalent beauty of a Kent costal town acting as a window into the two lonely protagonists’ inner worlds.

Underpinned by an exquisite score by Japanese composer Taichi Imanishi, Belongings explores our response to bereavement, loneliness and our attachment to things, and how redemption can only come through the renewing power of nature.

Accessibility Information: This event is on the first floor, unfortunately there is no lift.

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