The Moving Essence of Home presented by Dave Neita

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A presentation, by Dave Neita, exploring the manner in which the concept and nature of home changes over a lifetime, with a special focus on the global traveller.

Dave Neita is a lawyer, a published poet, lecturer and international speaker specialising in cultural leadership.  He is a commentator on race, politics, mental health and the arts. An advocate for human rights and an expert in organisational development and mental health, Dave has worked with the Zurich Corporation, Hartford Financial Services and NASA and has delivered a sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on Redemption and Transformation. Dave continues to speak widely in Churches in the UK and abroad, promoting a redemptive and inclusive message of bringing about harmony in community.

He has an MA in Cultural Leadership, volunteers his time in the community and served as the UK ambassador for the European Year of Equal Opportunity for All: Face of the Year Campaign.  Known for his success as a member of the legal team behind a class action suit against a major multinational corporation on behalf of thousands of injured South Africa Miners, Dave continues to work as an advocate for underprivileged, exploited or disenfranchised people, everywhere. In February 2019 Dave participated in, and won, the Cambridge Debate (Oldest Debating Society) at Jesus College, Cambridge University.  Taking a creative approach to campaigning, he has written a play on the Windrush Scandal called The Bitter Windrush Blues and he has performed and toured this play across the UK demanding justice for those adversely affected by the hostile environment.

This event is in partnership with Sabina Desir and her Freedom Road and Banned Live! projects . With special thanks to Terry Prue and The Ramsgate Society .

Accessibilty – Please note that the event is on the first floor so access is via stairs as there is no lift.

Event Details
Event Details