Toddler Sense

Pink frame featuring a toddler dressed as a dinosaur with flowers

Toddler Sense, founded by Dr Lin Day, is the follow on programme to Baby Sensory and takes toddlers from 13 months to 5 years on multi-sensory adventures each week.

Featuring a vast range of equipment for periods of Free Play, toddler sense sessions also incorporate structured activities.

These carefully designed classes help busy toddlers burn off excess energy whilst developing vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills.

Come on an adventure with Tod as we catch rainbows, attend an Ugly Bugs Ball, climb snowy mountains as SO much more!!! It really is the best fun you’ll have with your Toddler.

Tickets are available NOW and can be purchased here

Saturday 28th August 12pm

Location: Ellington Park CT11 9TL

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