Wonky Plonky

Wonky Plonky Electronk is a Multi-media event featuring Live Sonic Art & Digital Video Art.

The Festival of Sound performances on August 26th (12 – 3pm Arts in Ramsgate, 46 High St Ramsgate) will feature composers/live performers, Mieko Shimizu and Jasmine Morris and video artist @diz_qo 

Instagram: @miekoshimizumico, @j.asminemorrismusic, @diz_qo

The Ramsgate Music Hall performances on September 14th will feature live performers Mieko Shimizu, Gagarin, Shape Navigator, Analogue Mechanic, DJs Mike Lindsay (Tunng) & Phil Winter (Wrangler/Creep Show) and video artist t@diz_qo Instagram:  @thisistunng @philip.winter @petercoyte @didsgagarin

Event Details